No assistance

I was strolling down Republic Street on my usual Thursday call at Valletta when, right in front of the law courts, I experienced a sudden excruciating pain on my right knee that prevented me from taking another step. Being 85 years old, very painfully I dragged myself to the Smart cabs stand in St John’s Square. There was only one cab there and the driver was nowhere to be seen.

I wanted to return to the Park and Ride minibus stage in front of The Phoenicia, so I availed myself of one of the business cards lodged on the dash board and I dialled their number. A male voice answered and when I asked for assistance, as I was waiting by the cab, an arrogant reply to my request was: “you better walk to where you want to go”.

I was devastated at this arrogance and I had no choice but to painfully walk along Republic Street to the minibus stage to take me back to my car at Blata l-Bajda.

This is disgusting, to say the least. So much for the expensive propaganda giving the impression we are the best city in the world.

Jason Micallef, please note.

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