What happened on... July 13

What happened on... July 13

On this day 10, 25 and 50 years ago...

10 years ago - The Sunday Times

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Abortion for Maltese just a click away

Abortion may be illegal in Malta but an organisation operating a widely-publicised website is willing to send Maltese women a package that will enable them to terminate their pregnancy at home.

After receiving a completed online consultation form and a ‘donation’ of €70, the organisation will send women in Malta a package of pills by regular registered airmail.

The organisation told The Sunday Times, which posed as a 20-year-old, seven-week pregnant woman from Malta seeking an abortion, that it would send the package and that it should arrive within two weeks.

The newspaper’s e-mail to the website stated: “I am really desperate to seek help in a country where it’s almost impossible to get an abortion... is there any way anybody will get to know what the package is, especially those (at the postal service)?”

Within a few hours, came the e-mailed reply: “I understand your concerns. The package would be sent through regular airmail (registered) and it would take about two weeks to arrive.”

Customers must answer 25 questions on the website before they are allowed to purchase the drugs and women are advised to have a pregnancy test and an ultrasound if possible.

25 years ago - The Times

Tuesday, July 13, 1993

Archbishop speaks of huge gulf between words and deeds in promoting values

The Archbishop yesterday denounced inertia by people in authority in curbing wrongs, saying it was not true that everything was being done to protect the people’s values.

There was much eloquence on values and their worth in Malta but there was also a huge gulf between what was being said and what was being done, he said, calling for everyone’s cooperation.

Mgr Mercieca was speaking at Mass at police headquarters, marking the 179th anniversary of the police corps.

A quick glance round, he said, would quickly show that there were people who were not shouldering their responsibilities. They were turning a blind eye to events and harmful experiences, not doing anything to control them.

This was discouraging and an obstacle to those who were honest and trying to carry out their duties.

People in Malta, Mgr Mercieca said, wanted to have confidence in their police and regarded their work as a noble mission which, because of the type of work they did, their hours and risks, called for many sacrifices from them and their families.

Half a century ago - Times of Malta

Saturday, July 13, 1968

New equipment for MMU

As contemplated in the second five-year development plan for the development and expansion of the MMU, more modern and hygienic automatic machinery is being installed at the centre.

Besides improving hygienic conditions, the new equipment will also help to meet more satisfactorily the great demand for pasteurised milk which is ever on the increase.

One item of the machinery – the ‘Dawson’ – washes, sterilises and fills bottles at the rate of 200 per minute. Another filling machine which is already in use is the Tetra-Pak Carton Filler, which is unique in Malta but very popular in Europe.

This is the most modern hygienic equipment available as it substitutes the use of bottles which are used more than once. At first this machinery will be used to fill 189.3cc milkshakes which will be sold for 4d each. The consumer will thus be saved the trouble of having to wash bottles and returning them to the agent. The 4d deposit on bottles will also be eliminated.

The MMU has recently also introduced the use of bowsers for transportation of milk from Gozo to Malta. These vehicles are insulated to keep the milk in a low temperature. They eliminate the use of milk cans and save labour as well as waste.

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