Zebbuġ roundabouts being redesigned to improve traffic flow

Link road will get an extra lane

The two main roundabouts at Zebbuġ are being redesigned to improve traffic flow, and plans are undnerway to add another lane to the southbound carriageway.

Transport Minister Ian Borg said the roundabouts serve the busiest junctions at Zebbuġ. He said the ministry will be spending €500,000 to add bypass lanes to the De Rohan Gate roundabout while additional access lanes will be added to St Dorothy’s School roundabout.

Once the building of the roundabouts is complete, Mdina Road, which connects the two junctions, will be widened to include an additional southbound lane. One of the lanes in Mdina Road and the service road beside it will be transformed into shared lanes which prioritise cyclists.

“In Żebbuġ, and soon in other localities, we are introducing the concept of one lane to be used by different means of transport, with people who travel attentively in order to avoid putting one another in danger,” the minister said.

He explained how architects and road experts are working to implement more such solutions, such as through safety systems for cyclists approaching roundabouts and traffic lights systems. He said that while not all solutions used in other countries can be implemented on Maltese roads, work is being done towards the implementation of solutions which could be highly beneficial for those who use this sustainable means of travelling.

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