Today's front pages: June 14, 2018

The Times of Malta rounds up the tense escalation on Wednesday in the relationship between Malta and Italy, with Sicilian MPs walking out in protest as the President of Malta started to address their parliament, and an Italian minister challenging Malta to give up part of its search and rescue area if it could not cope with the responsibilities that this brought. It also reports on the boost to bars that will be felt as a result of the World Cup competition.

L-Orizzont features the reactions of the band club association president to plans which would cement the hold of 20 musical societies on their premises. It also reports on the impact that the World Cup has on businesses.

The Malta Independent carries the latest news about the diplomatic tension created as a result of the Aquarius case, as well as a report saying that no investigation is required into claims that had been made against magistrate Joe Mifsud.

In-Nazzjon highlights the plight of an elderly man who might end up homeless by the weekend, unless he receives assistance.

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