Serious debates

On April 11, Andrew Azzopardi wrote that Archbishop Michael Gonzi will be remembered as a stain in the Church’s history.

He should know that one cannot judge actions out of context. There was the possibility of Malta becoming a communist country and the archbishop took a stand in that context of events.

I expect him to be factual when influencing public opinion.

I also beg to differ about Azzopardi’s conclusion on Archbishop Charles Scicluna. For me, he is a bishop suited for the Church in Malta now. The Archbishop is being the voice of conscience and is advocating good governance, the protection of the natural environment, etc.

On May 14, Alfred Sant said of David Goodall who decided to end his life at 104: “Given the age to which he himself had survived, it is somewhat hard to deny him such a right.”

I feel Sant is making the case for euthanasia in a subtle, covert way. Which is not the just way to go about discussing who has the right to end a human life.

And I ask those advocating the amendments in the IVF law, when, in their opinion, does a human life and a human person begin? I think these esteemed people are pushing their agenda and are not working to illuminate the public in the search for facts and the truth.

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