Watch: Would you live in this Gżira house?

Councillor says his town is under siege

You might think the clip was shot inside a home of a Syrian village caught up in the country's brutal war. 

But the racket heard in this video was recorded on Thursday afternoon in Henry Bouverie Street in Gżira as an adjacent villa was being demolished. 

The sound was so loud that the resident had to forward his lament through email because the council taking his complaint could not hear him speak on the phone, councillor Jeremy Cardona said, adding that items on the wall of the house were crashing to the ground because of the vibration. 

"Gżira is under siege. Can you just imagine living in these conditions - there are several elderly people, schoolchildren living in these houses," Mr Cardona said.

He said the villa and a large garden were currently being destroyed to pave the way for a large project.

Mr Cardona is the same Gżira councillor who was forced to file a police report after claiming that a ruthless contractor had tried to run him over because he was sticking up for residents' rights.

Watch: 'Contractor tried to run me over' - Gżira councillor claims

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