Appreciation: Joe Grixti

Appreciation: Joe Grixti

John Muscat writes:

It is with grief but a sense of heartfelt duty that I write in memory of my departed friend, Joe Grixti, of St Paul’s Bay. He was a good man, a lively person who enjoyed his way of life, sorely missed by all his relatives and friends.

His childhood nickname down at the Sirens waterpolo pitch was “Maciste”. He was a staunch supporter and fan of the famous waterpolo club in St Paul’s Bay.

Joe used to follow the Sirens teams and watch all the matches, being the minors, reserves and premier league.

The waterpolo club premises were his second home from the early 1960s till the middle 1980s.

Later, Joe helped in no small way in other village sporting communities. He was a fervent follower of all that was happening in St Paul’s Bay. His collection of photos and newspaper cuttings that covered detailed and dated sporting events from the early 1950s up to this very year is an encyclopedia and a reference for the sport history enthusiasts.

Joe had an aptitude for organising cultural, sporting and or philanthropic events.

He will surely be remembered for organising various activities for the young and the not so young, be it sporting events, concerts, parties, held at the “Simenta”, his second home for the last years.

Joe loved the village and its people and looked forward with enthusiasm for the festa in July.

Joe’s adventurous and daring character in perfect combination with his wiry physique contributed in becoming a top-class snow skier and a formidable athlete. People from all walks of life got to know him through his yearly group skiing holidays in Livinio. I owe it to his encouragement that I tried skiing on snow for the first time, at 58 years of age. It was not much of a success, but I tried.

As we grew older our encounters became few and far between but never lost that enthusiasm and satisfaction of spending quality time chatting about the good old days.

It is with a good intent and a meaningful purpose that I refer to him as the Joe Grixti of St Paul’s Bay, a man who had a unique way of showering praise onto others while keeping a low profile.

Joe was a respectful man with a golden heart always ready to help, a jolly and bubbly person to be remembered for the good times that we spent together. Nostalgic moments drowned in grief, bring tears to all who knew him.

Dear Joe you are sadly and sorely missed.

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