Falling madly in love

Falling madly in love

Moon Shavit and Nitai Gvirtz in Don’t Forget Me.

Moon Shavit and Nitai Gvirtz in Don’t Forget Me.

Don’t Forget Me, an 80-minute dark comedy by Israeli film director Ram Nehari about two patients at an eating disorders centre who fall madly in love with each other, will be screened this evening as part of the main competition of the Valletta Film Festival.

From the initial questions posed in the opening scene: “Bowel movements? Menstruation?” – a checklist that is mechanically repeated to each visitor at the centre – the audience builds a picture of the alienation of the young female prota­­g­o­nist, Tom (Moon Shavit).

And from the initial exchanges that Neil (Nitai Gvirtz) has with a musical instrument repairer, one gets the impression that he may not be all there.

Tom dreams of becoming a model, which is why she stopped eating, until she finds herself in a rehabilitation institute. On the other hand, Neil plays the tuba and wants to go on a tour of Europe, but in the meantime, is being treated at a psychiatric clinic.

These two young marginalised individuals meet, recognise themselves in each other and fall in love in their own way. The film is tender, desperate and has a unique sense of humour, providing a somewhat satirical commentary of modern Israeli society’s bizarre obsession with the body.

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Don’t Forget Me will be screened at Pjazza Teatru Rjal, Valletta, today at 9pm. For tickets and information about other films showing at the festival, visit www.vallettafilmfestival.com. The Valletta Film Festival is supported by the Arts Council Malta.

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