Standing out from the crowd

Standing out from the crowd

Parfois launches spring/summer 2018 campaign

To mark the official arrival of the silly season, Parfois is launching a new campaign which, once again seeks to celebrate the uniqueness of each individual. Following on from Undefined is my Definition comes Who I Am, a true manifest to the self, which represents an independent woman who is limitless in her ability to reinvent herself at every moment.

The model, Marlene Kohrs, represents a woman who stands out from the crowd, an authentic woman who is indifferent to the rest of the world and what other people think of her. Through freedom of expression, this woman shows her capacity to reinvent herself and adapt to changes without ever losing her identity.

This campaign comes to life in an urban and proactive environment. The backdrop for Who I Am shows its rebellious and proactive character through its use of posters. And it is in this way that the protagonist of this campaign shares her identity: through messages, colours and textures which make up her universe, seeking to do away with prejudice, break down barriers and redesign the world.

Labels and prejudice impose limits. They stand in the way of the expression of the self and the uniqueness of each individual. They limit our capacity to see the world as it is and not how people tell us it is. This season, Parfois seeks to break down these barriers and limits, creating a space in which each woman can express, affirm and feel herself, at all times.

In Who I Am, high summer is represented through styles and items that have been reinvented and which allow each person to make their own combinations and interpretations.

As the temperatures rise, fabrics become lighter, patterns become more exotic and colours become brighter. Pastel shades contrast with summer tones like red, yellow, orange and blue. Stripes are layered on stripes, denim is mixed with denim and whole outfits of the same colour come to life.

Urban style is contrasted with beach looks made up of full-length tunics and dresses, straw hats and caps and accessories with ethnic motifs like tassels and fringes. City styles are mellowed with a touch of irreverence, with hair bows, bags with fringes, dresses worn over trousers, a mix of patterns and materials and contrasting elements, like fanny-packs paired with skirts and stiletto sandals.

Once again the proposal is simple: mix, wear and be. No fear, preconceived ideas or rules. Mix styles, wear what you like, be who you are and who you want to be. See every corner, item and occasion as an opportunity to do something new, to affirm who you are and to change the world.

Who I Am is a new interpretation of Undefined is my Definition, the key of this expression of the self, of individuality and the capacity to go against traditions and everything that’s been imposed.

Parfois is represented in Malta by Arkadia Marketing Ltd, a subsidiary of the Mizzi Organisation. Parfois stores can be found in Republic Street, Valletta; Arkadia Commercial Centre in Victoria; and is now open at The Point, Sliema.

(Content provided by Arkadia Marketing Ltd)

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