The upskilling mindset: why it pays to keep learning in tech

A recent report from the World Economic Forum estimated that by 2020 over a third of core skills in most occupations will be comprised of skills that aren’t considered critical today.

Being effective in today’s work environment – and particularly in a constantly-evolving field like tech – requires constant learning and upskilling. Digital technologies are moving so fast that new skills are being created faster than we can learn them, so it’s critical we become adept at adapting.

As a fast-paced industry – constantly evolving and adapting – tech can feel even more precarious than most. The solution? We need to get used to upskilling, or making small updates to our knowledge and skills throughout our working life.

The good news is that an upskilling mindset is one we can all easily adopt, and by making some small changes to our working life, it can be a particularly rewarding way to adapt for future change. Ultimately, it’s those who adapt and evolve who’ll lead the future of tech.

There are a number of things you can do to learn new skills and adapt for change in the tech sector (or others, for that matter). The first is staying informed: keep up to date with what’s happening in your sector to stay ahead of the game. Build meaningful relationships with experts and colleagues in your field. Understand which of your skills are most in demand, and do them brilliantly. Also, take advantage of any workshops, training or e-learning opportunities offered. Moreover, explore work outside of your current remit to diversify your skills and challenge your knowledge.

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