KAF Malta juniors competition

Kempo Arnis Federation Malta which is based in Gozo organised its annual juniors competition at the Gozo Sports Complex in Victoria.

Around 70 children, who are all members of the federation competed in a team-based competition where every athlete had to compete in three different categories according to skill and age in each group.

The  categories were Kata (traditional forms originated in Okinawa), Sanbon Kumite (three step sparring), Goshin Kumite (sequences including punching, kicking, grappling and ground techniques) and Kumite (free sparring). Each athlete from all three teams was awarded a medal according to their respective placing. Next month the junior members will also be going for their belt testing where each member will have to perform techniques according to their respective grade to achieve their new belt within the system. An open Arnis (Filipino stick fighting) competition will be held for senior members.

Next year KAF Malta will be representing Malta in the National championships to be held in Novo Mesto Slovenia.

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