Code of Ethics for notaries - over 15 years after first draft

Profession tarnished by a few cases - minister

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Photo: Shutterstock

The long-called-for for Code of Ethics for notaries will be launched on Friday, strengthening the profession that might have been tarnished over the past few years, Owen Bonnici said.

The first draft of the Maltese Code of Notarial Ethics was presented to an extraordinary general meeting of the notarial corps in April 2002.

The Justice Minister was speaking at the presentation of warrants to eight new notaries – all women, half of whom are from Gozo. The new notaries will join a total of 344 practicing notaries.

This was the first time ever that all candidates who sat for the final exam -13 in all - were women, Chief Notary to Government Keith German said.

Dr German added that this year’s level of examination was rather high – not to limit the number of new notaries, but to improve the level of the profession.

He appealed to the new notaries to ensure they keep a high level of organisation while practicing their profession, especially considering the digital era we live in.
“This year we will be launching a system whereby all notarial contracts are digitised and can be accessed from home.

“Among other developments, tomorrow’s launch of the Code of Ethics for Notaries will further regulate the profession.”

Minister Bonnici noted that the Code, drafted by the Notarial Council, will strengthen the professionals’ ethical behaviour, which over the past years might have been tarnished by a couple of notaries.

Dr Bonnici also referred to the all-female cohort of new notaries. Considering that half of the Maltese population is female, this should also be reflected among those who take important decisions, he added.

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