Vlogger upset by politicising of his #OhMyMalta slogan

Vlogger upset by politicising of his #OhMyMalta slogan

Both sides adopting it as Sunday demonstration faces off against May 1

Vlogger Nas Daily has very different intentions when he came up with his #OhMyMalta slogan - and is horrified to see it hijacked and politicised.

Images of similar T-shirts have been plastered across facebook, with the pro-Labour ones using it to show that Malta is going through its best period, and the anti-Labour ones saying it is 100 per cent corrupt.

"I hate this," Nas Daily told the Times of Malta.

"They shouldn’t be copying my designs and shouldn’t be politicising this.”

The top international vlogger has more than 5.5 million followers on Facebook, and is renowned for his one-minute video uploads every single day. He came to Malta in early April and spent an unprecedented few weeks here, blown away by the expected dynamism of the island.

After two weeks here, Nas Daily attracted huge crowds to Valletta, where the Palestinian/Israeli vlogger urged his followers to call out 'Oh My Malta' which he believes should be the official Maltese tourism slogan.

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However, one of the aspects that baffled him was the partisan bickering, as he had explained on Times Talk.

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