'Oh my Malta'... plastic chairs cemented to the quay

Labour MP calls perpetrators 'stupid'

The Maltese have a reputation for trying to get the closest spot to the sea but somebody has taken the idea a bit too far.

A picture of four plastic chairs cemented to the quay right by the sea in Mellieħa has gone viral on social media. 

The chairs were literally embedded into the cement floor at the beach at it-Tunnara by unknown individuals.

Many of the posts made on social media borrowed popular vlogger's quote 'Oh my Malta!' to portray the ludicrous idea.

Labour MP Clayton Bartolo condemned the act through a Facebook post: "Some stupid people decided to embed four plastic chairs by the sea. I confirm that the case has been reported to the police and action will be taken. We then have to face even more stupid people trying to blame the government and the local council for this act."

The chairs were removed by the authorities on Thursday morning.

The chairs were removed on Thursday morning.The chairs were removed on Thursday morning.

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