Watch: 'Daphne, are you OK?'

WhatsApp messages lift veil on friends' shock on day of murder

Video compiled by Elisa Lemarchand

As news of a car bomb in Bidnija reverberated around the island shortly after 3pm on October 16, 2017, people started sending Daphne Caruana Galizia a WhatsApp message in shock... and desperation. 

"I'm in utter shock. I felt the need to msg you one last time. You will be sorely missed, always know that the truth will out one day and all your hard work won't be for naught," one message sent hours after her death read. 

"The cowardice of this act for which you paid the ultimate sacrifice, has affected me deeply. Malta has lost its greatest advocate and the right of freedom of speech." 

Others vented their anger. 

"If any police pig is reading this, f**k you, you useless scum."

The 'Daphne Project' was given access to part of the WhatsApp data from Ms Caruana Galizia's phone. 

The final message sent at 2.48am the next day simply read: "Daphne I already miss you".


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