Rabat hazard

I had first sent an e-mail tothe Rabat local council in the last week of February and, to date, my complaint has not been addressed.

There is a road mirror on Tabia Road, facing Patri Bonelli Street, meant to aid motorists coming from this second road when driving out of this somewhat dangerous corner to proceed uphill to Saqqajja. This mirror is misaligned and is an accident waiting to happen on this rather busy ‘corner’.

It would only take a five-minute job for the mirror to be aligned but my numerous e-mails to the council have been unsuccessful in remedying this dangerous situation.

I have also written a number of times to the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government and Communities, Silvio Parnis but although my e-mails were answered at breakneck speed, the matter remains the same as when I had e-mailed him the first time in February. Promises, promises!

What I complain about affects not just myself but all motorists who go through the roads in question. I have now decided to use an alternative route to reach Saqqajja. That means more petrol consumption, more pollution and more damage to our precious environment.

I do hope this small job can be done ASAP because six weeks is a bit too much for a five-minute job.

Finally, I must say that the Rabat council was superbly managed when it was run by Sandro Craus but this is no longer possible, unfortunately.

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