Outspoken Archbishop

Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna seems to delight in political controversy. His latest foray in the political field was when he retweeted an article that appeared in the electronic site Shift News that is mainly an anti-government site.

The article in question compared the Maltese government to the Camorra in Naples, Sicily’s Cosa Nostra and Calabria’s ’Ndrangheta. When the Archbishop retweeted that article, he more or less made that article his own. Or, at least, gave the impression that he agreed with the message.

A spokesperson was reported to have said that the Archbishop’s aim was to start a discussion on the subject raised in that article. This Archbishop seems to have a funny way of how to start discussions on subjects intended to damage the government’s image.

Remember when the same Archbishop had criticised the new lighting at Castille? Or when he criticised the New Year message the Prime Minister had made together with a young couple from their own home? Was the Archbishop merely trying to create a discussion? Or, much more likely, was he giving vent to his political passion that dates back to his University student days?

Archbishop Scicluna should keep in mind he is the spiritual head of all Maltese practising Catholics, not just Nationalist-voting ones. Ironically, according to a survey conducted by MaltaToday, there are more practising Catholics among Labourites than among Nationalists. Will this fact persuade the Archbishop to be more prudent, as suggested by Fr George Dalli, in his public speeches and online comments?

I sincerely doubt it.

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