Sea in Balluta turns milky white from construction site

Readers send in photos as murkiness gradually spreads

The sea in Balluta Bay was turned milky white over the hours of Tuesday afternoon, after dust from a construction site ended up in the water.

A first photo sent to Times of Malta early in the afternoon showed some discharge, but a photo sent by another reader soon after showed that the problem had escalated.

A Sliema resident who was walking past was horrified to notice the discharge and was told by a man on the site that there was a temporary problem - but was more or less brusquely told to mind his own business.

They then tried to contact the Planning Authority, "but no one is answering after 3pm." 

Management of the construction site had started off on the right foot, with pedestrian access created via a 'tunnel' of large stones, with the facade left standing but the rest of the premises facing the sea demolished. 

The consultant responsible for health and safety at the site had not replied at the time of writing.

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