Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura returns to Sarto

Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura returns to Sarto

Customers can mix and match pieces to create their own looks, and almost everything can be personalised

Luxury, today, is about individuality. It is about the possibility of making things according to one’s own wishes and lifestyle. The items in a wardrobe, for instance. Su Misura is the personalised made-to-measure service that allows such a privilege within the Ermenegildo Zegna world, a completely personalised experience where every detail and every stitch is carefully executed to match the characteristics and personality of the individual customer.

With over a century of expertise in menswear, Ermenegildo Zegna made up quality, precision and efficiency for a unique offer that keeps constantly evolving, marrying a traditional take on craft with a contemporary vision of style. When the Su Misura service was first introduced in the 1970s, it was a natural evolution of Zegna’s unsurpassed excellence in fabric innovation and tailoring excellence.

But Su Misura is a service just as much as it is an experience.

The level of personalisation and uniqueness that characterise Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura starts right at the source: the fabric. In fact, the brand offers its customers the opportunity to choose fabrics with a history of their own – the result of a journey that brings wool from the farms of Australia to the mills in Trivero, Italy, where special weaves are constantly being developed.

Zegna, by managing the entire process starting with the sourcing of the fibres themselves, can guarantee an unmatched level of quality and uniqueness. This alone sets Zegna apart from all the rest, as the Ermenegildo Zegna Group is the only menswear fashion company that is fully vertically integrated. As a result, there are more than 500 fabrics varieties to choose from and more than 250 shirting cottons in the collection. From this point onwards, the protagonist is the customer.

With Su Misura, everything in the finished item reflects the personality of the wearer and enhances their physical features. Fits range from classic to progressive, with the unmistakable Zegna flair. Customers can mix and match pieces to create their own looks, and almost everything can be personalised: not only traditional formalwear, but also a complete leisurewear wardrobe, from denim, to knitwear and outerwear, to include sophisticated everyday attire within the comprehensive made-to-measure service. As a final element, all finishing touches are done by hand, stitch by stitch, right down to the sewing of the inside label on every Su Misura suit that bears the name of the customer.  The most delicate phase in the made-to-measure process is taking the customer’s precise measurements. For this reason all Ermenegildo Zegna tailors are meticulously trained in the internal Zegna Su Misura Academy and carry out the fittings wherever customers require: in store, at home or in the office. Once fitted, the client receives his order swiftly: within three weeks in Europe and four weeks in the US and Asia.

For the most discerning gentlemen Zegna created the Personalisation Project, a unique part of Su Misura whereby a limited number of made-to-measure suits (no more than 100 per season) are made from fabric specifically created for the client. Launched in 2012, the Personalisation Project leverages Lanificio Zegna’s extensive expertise in weaving flawless ultrafine fabrics to offer the customer the unique privilege of designing his own fabric and finishing touches, such as buttons, linings and tags. The client’s preferences and choices are transformed through the looms of Lanificio Zegna into one of the world’s finest fabrics. This personalised fabric is further customised with the customer’s name, or a personal message, woven in the selvedge.

From the first step to the final product, Su Misura at Zegna is an impeccable service and a unique experience carried with elegant discretion to put the client at the center of a progressive set of timeless values.

Su Misura returns to Sarto, the local partner of Ermenegildo Zegna, on April 13 and 14. Zegna tailor Carlo Minojetti will be available by appointment, making it possible to produce tailor-made suits, jackets, knitwear, shirts, ties and casual wear. To reserve a space, contact Sarto on 2202 1601 or e-mail

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