Focusing on business

Choosing the right location, to nurture or grow a business and to develop the right network of connections, is both a challenge and an opportunity.

Business Office Services International (BOSI), centrally located within the Central Business District, offers high quality, exclusive and executive offices, affording businesses the freedom to develop their potential. The flexibility of the company’s serviced work place allows companies of any size, and of varying budgetary requirements, to benefit from an all-inclusive facility. BOSI is committed to providing not just office space but also an entire suite of business services that are tailored to your specific needs.

The BOSI offices are located on the first and the second floors of the Vision Exchange Building in Territorials Street, Mrieħel. Since 2015, BOSI has managed to maintain a high level of occupancy which highlights the level of client satisfaction and demand for office space.

On the first day of relocating, it is business as usual for BOSI’s new tenants, as BOSI understands that time is of essence and wasting time with a laborious office set-up process comes at a significant cost in today’s fast paced and competitive world.

The industries to which BOSI clients belong are indeed very diverse, some of which form part of the Fortune 500 companies and operate in various industries including aviation, ICT, iGaming, insurance and also financial services. They join a host of other companies that already benefit from the business support services provided by the dedicated BOSI team.

Besides temporary or permanent, private or shared office space, BOSI’s offering also extends to providing disaster recovery sites, mainly a requirement for regulated entities but not limited to financial services and gaming operations.

At BOSI, clients are able to focus on their core business in a functional environment supported by an exceptionally trained team of IT and administrative staff. BOSI is able to accommodate various requirements in the shortest possible time frame. BOSI’s ongoing aim is that of maintaining this highest level of client satisfaction and excellence on a daily basis.

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