Unsatisfactory car repair

Unsatisfactory car repair

Q: I would like to know what my rights are regarding a repair done on my vehicle that cost me quite a lot of money. Unfortunately, after the repair was carried out, the problem I was having with my car was not resolved. Can I complain to the mechanic? Am I entitled to a refund of the money I paid for the repair?

A: If you have proof of the type of repair done on your car and also proof of the payment made to the mechanic, then yes you may complain to the mechanic and request a solution. You may firstly ask the mechanic to try once again to resolve the problem you are experiencing with the car at no additional cost to you. If the mechanic is unable to fix your car, you can then request a refund of the money paid for the repair.

Should the mechanic reject your requests, you may lodge a complaint with the Office for Consumer Affairs and our complaint officers will assist you in dealing with the mechanic, with the aim of achieving an amicable solution.

Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority
Office for Consumer Affairs
Mizzi House,
National Road,
Blata l-Bajda
HMR 9010

Freephone: 8007 4400
Tel: 2395 2000
Enquiries: info@mccaa.org.mt
Consumer complaints: fair.trading@mccaa.org.mt
Website: www.mccaa.org.mt

MCCAA office hours for the public:
Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 12.30pm

European Consumer Centre Malta
(For complaints against traders in other EU states)

47A, South Street,
VLT 1101

Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 3pm.

Tel: 2122 1901
E-mail: ecc.malta@gov.mt

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