Walk in an autistic child’s shoes

A presentation by Vanessa Camilleri entitled ‘Sensing Autism: The Brain in Virtual Reality’ will be held by Malta Cafe Scientifique today at 7pm at St James Cavalier, Valletta.

Camilleri will be presenting a possible solution to helping a person walk in someone else’s shoes – in the shoes of a child who is diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum.

Four classroom scenarios have been recreated, filmed in a realistic setting, and re-purposed for a 360° virtual reality environment. Could this immersive environment lead us to truly understand what it feels like for a child on the autism spectrum to go through a ‘normal’ day at school. Can we become more aware of the possible feelings and sensations that may be triggered as a result of a multitude of amplified visual and auditory stimuli?

Vanessa Camilleri’s presentation ‘Sensing Autism: The Brain in VR’ will be conducted today at 7pm at Studio B, St James Cavalier, Valletta. It forms part of the Brain Awareness Week 2018 programme of activities. Admission is free. For details, visit

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