Drunk tourist causes hotel fracas

A Polish tourist who caused a fracas at a St Julian’s hotel where he was staying, was let off with a conditional discharge and an €800 fine on Tuesday after saying he was sorry for all the trouble caused.

Marcin Tomasz Wolski, 42, damaged the property and caused a commotion while drunk on Monday.

In the course of the incident, a police sergeant ended up being inadvertently showered with water or some other liquid, not specified during the court hearing.

It was a sober and repentant man who entered the courtroom, merely hours after his arrest, facing charges of having insulted a police officer, breached the peace, refused to obey legitimate orders and being drunk in public. He was further charged with having, through negligence or thoughtlessness, showered the officer with water, some other liquid or filth.

Assisted by two interpreters but refusing the help of a lawyer, in spite of being advised by the court, the man was quick to register an admission, stressing that he was sorry for what he had done.

Upon the man’s guilty plea and in view of the man’s clean criminal record, early guilty plea, full cooperation as well as the fact that most of the charges concerned contraventions Magistrate Josette Demicoli handed down a one-year conditional discharge and a fine of €800.

Before leaving the courtroom, the guest was warned by the court to steer clear from any further brush with the law during the remainder of his stay on the island.

Inspector Trevor Micallef prosecuted.

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