Complementary education

The impression I get is that schools are being run by crisis management when it comes to tackling problem pupils. I think few resources are being invested to deal with the situation.

When a six-year-old pupil going through a traumatic period in life because the family lacks respect or is infested with problems, schools usually tackled the issue by employing traditional discipline when what is needed is care, love, guidance, respect and an orderly routine adapted for him/her. Moreover, family members have to be forced to come on board.

When teachers in the complementary sector (taking primary school students out of class for help in literacy) hear they may be used as class teachers, I think administrators are not appreciating the help given to struggling students. I confirm this when I hear that this section of teaching is very much understaffed. I also hear that complementary education is not being given in numeracy.

When I hear that the Nurture Club (which tries to create a family environment at school to students who need it) is no longer providing food to the students who attend, I can only wonder why.

The caring community at school needs resources, professional personnel in all areas and support staff and backing from the authorities to be able to function properly. It is better to try to remedy a situation at the outset. The earlier the better. Nip the problem in its bud.

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