Microwave repair problems

Q: A number of years ago I purchased some kitchen appliances from a local seller. Recently the microwave was not working well so I contacted the company’s service department to check it and repair it. A couple of weeks later I was informed by the service department that the heating element was faulty. I agreed to pay €200 to have it replaced. The repair was done and the microwave was delivered to me a few days later.

However, when I tried to use it, the electricity tripped. I reported this incident to the service department which took back the microwave to check it. Unfortunately, when the microwave was returned to me and I used it, the same problem re-occurred. Once again I reported the problem to the company which after checking it informed me that the appliance was functioning well at their workshop. I must admit that the appliance did work well at their workshop. However, I must point out that before the microwave was repaired I did not have any problems with the electricity and I also plugged other heating devices into the system and did not experience any problems. When the microwave was returned to me for the third time, the same problem happened. This time the fuse in the appliance blew up. The microwave is once again at the service department for repairs and I was informed that if they need to change any parts I have to pay for them.

I have already paid €200 for the first repair. I think that if other problems cropped up because of something that happened during the first repair I should not be liable for this cost.

What are my rights?

A: Determining whether or not you are liable to pay for subsequent repairs depends on whether the additional repairs that are needed to fix the microwave are a direct consequence of something wrong gone wrong during the first repair. If this is the case, then you are right in holding the seller responsible for these additional expenses.

If, however, the trader provides evidence that the additional problems in the microwave are a result of a fault in your electrical system, then the company is not liable for these additional costs.

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