Hilarious examples of gender branding has internet in fits

Bored Panda list packaging that plays to stereotypes

Website Bored Panda has compiled a hilarious list of products aimed specifically at either men or women but for no particular reason.

From identical toy planes and gherkins in pink and blue packaging, to ‘man-sized’ packages, the list was described by the website as “the most ridiculous examples for your viewing pleasure”.

Saying that they “playing on our insecurities and ill-conceived notions of gender stereotypes to make a quick buck”, a few of the products portray boys as ‘clever’ and ‘girls’ as vain, for example.

Children’s play clothing was a common offender, with a pink beautician’s outfit for girls and a boy’s doctor one. The need to make things ‘pink’ to attract female buyers was widespread, from tools to work gloves, while marketing tried to ‘encourage’ men to do housework by making the detergent look like something you would probably buy to clean a car

In typical social media style, the comments on each product are as amusing as the products.

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