Check what you eat

The article ‘A taste of history’ (February 16), dealt with the delicious pastizzi (cheese cakes) and rabbits, both a traditional Maltese menu.

The article seems to be encouraging eating pastizzi and rabbits. In truth, rabbits are quite tasty and healthy.

That pastizzi are delicious is a fact, however, the article,which included a picture showing pastizzi, does not say that these are also extremely harm-ful because the main ingredients are oil and fats. Besides, sometimes, mashed potatoes are added to the ricotta in order to make a better profit.

It would have been much better had the article highlighted the health hazards of eating pastizzi and how many people are hospitalised because of the heart problems they cause, especially among those with a very high level of cholesterol

The article also refers to rabbit being fried in olive oil nowadays. It should be noted that the purpose of using olive oil is lost once it is fried.

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