Part of Floriana

I refer to the item titled ‘Timely touch’ (On the Dot, February 12).

The Floriana local council points out the erroneous reference to Porte des Bombes as being in Blata l-Bajda. It is obvious knowledge that this ornamental arched gate, built in 1720 and enlarged in 1868 (which today looks much more like a triumphal arch), is part of the Floriana lines of fortifications.

Such a blatant mistake is either fruit of crass ignorance or an explicit attempt to offend or provoke. While one accepts that the On the Dot section is a public newsfeed, one expects the high calibre Times of Malta to correct inaccuracies.

Editorial note: The error is regretted. The Times of Malta welcomes the fact that the Floriana local council has taken note of the issue and is certain it will take immediate action to save this heritage the whole country is proud of.

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