Everybody’s responsibility

I feel I have to react to the comments made online by “E. Portelli” about my letter “Save Buskett (February 6).

He says that works are still in progress. I am so aware of this that in my letter I pointed out that progress is quite slow. Indeed, I wondered why we have never seen any work being done in the afternoon. I should think there is an easy explanation for this and that Portelli could have provided it.

He says there is “daily maintenance” and that “interventions on vandalised infrastructure can only be carried out once damage is observed and reported to higher management”.

But if we have just been told that workers are there daily maintaining the place (and we assume there is a supervisor overseeing the works) and we know that there is a guardian/s daily keeping a keen eye on the site, then we start doubting whether we have heard right.

All these men there every day and no reports reach the managers despite there being “umpteenth acts of vandalism”?

The situation becomes incomprehensible, almost surreal and most distressing. One would think reports should be pouring in pretty regularly and not trickling in from chance visitors.

Bureaucracy with the Environment and Resources Authority and the regulator may indeed be hampering Portelli’s timely interventions but, surely, just speeding this up will not stop vandalism on site. More and better supervision on the ground, plus hefty fines for culprits, could instead lessen these shameful and costly acts.

Obviously, no one person can put this situation right. All involved have to receive the necessary training, tools and resources so they can then shoulder their responsibilities.

This includes also all of us because what is everybody’s by right is also everybody’s responsibility. This responsibility entails reporting any vandalism, particularly if one witnesses it.

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