Conduct unbecoming

Allow me to pass a comment about the letter titled ‘Party interference’ by Charles Micallef (January 24).

He said: “One need listen to why two former PN councillors resigned from the ruling majority and have since become independent...”

I remind the correspondent of what was stated about turncoat (former) PN councillor Joseph Vella in The Sunday Times of Malta (November 26, 2017): “Video footage showing St Paul’s Bay local councillor Joseph Vella in a compromising situation at his former place of work has been confirmed as ‘original’ by his former employers, The Sunday Times of Malta has confirmed.

“After receiving the anonymous footage showing Mr Vella opening cash tills and taking money at his workplace, this newspaper made contact with the local councillor’s employer at the time to verify the originality of the footage. A spokesman for Valyou supermarket in Mellieħa, formerly known as Shoppers, confirmed the footage was taken by a CCTV system at their premises: ‘The footage you are referring to is original and we can confirm that, following that episode, Mr Vella is no longer employed by us,’ the spokesman said.

“Asked whether the St Paul’s Bay local councillor was sacked, the spokesman said: ‘We did not sack him but forced him to resign. This is how we normally deal with employees caught stealing...’”

In this context, any further comments would be superfluous.

Good riddance.

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