The PN's radical obsession with abortion

It's not fine for a party suggesting women should be hounded to ensure the protection of the unborn foetus

I haven't really written about the (non) debate that is abortion in Malta, mostly because it's such a personal topic and everyone has their views anyway.

But at this point I'm too concerned not to comment about a recent statement made by the Nationalist Party. The following is neither a pro, nor an anti-abortion blogpost – so put your pitchforks away and please do try to see past the actual topic in order to further appreciate the democratic implications of what the PN is suggesting.

“Nationalist Party family shadow minister Claudio Grech believes the country's next step should be to discuss 'a model' to protect unborn children.”

This, in a country where the Criminal Code already makes it a crime for anyone to undergo or to perform an abortion. Section 241 makes all forms of abortion a crime. Section 241 is listed under Crimes Against the Person, equivalent to homicide.

Just to give you an idea, it is not listed against, say, Crimes Affecting the Good Order of Families. Rape, on the other hand is not viewed as an offence against the person. It's listed under the afore-mentioned Crimes Affecting the Good Order of Families.

Because, you know, raping a woman is not a serious act of violence against her body. It is merely undermining your average nuclear family with 2.5 children model.

Abortion, on the other hand, is classified as a violent crime against the person by our Criminal Code. Which means one thing. Abortion is already legally treated as Bloody. Damn. Serious. It gets you actual jail time.

Well done, you paladins of morality, you. The world can sleep safely in the knowledge that civil rights in Malta are dead

So, I would say that the rights of the unborn child are pretty well-protected under Maltese law. So much so that even in the case of a phantom pregnancy that is no more, you get hauled in front of the Criminal Court. Remember this infamous case anyone?

Which leads me to the obvious question. How exactly does the Nationalist Party intend to strengthen this? How does the party intend to make abortion more of a crime than it already is? There is only one logical answer to this: a Handmaid’s Tale scenario where pregnant women are vetted.

Is this what the Nationalist Party is proposing? Voters need to know exactly what the PN has in mind.

Sharing your anti-abortion views is fine. Sharing your pro-choice views is also fine, though many people don't seem to accept this other side of the coin.

Having one of the two main political parties on the island suggesting or implying that women should be hounded in order to ensure the protection of the unborn foetus, on the other hand, is certainly not fine.

Is this what our obsession with abortion leading to? A police state where even a slight whiff of the A word will have the morality police beating at your door?
Well done, you paladins of morality, you. The world can sleep safely in the knowledge that civil rights in Malta are dead.

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