True self, false self

What counts is what man is, not what he thinks he has. There are many rich people in Malta who are slaves to wealth and driven by the urge for money. The EU considers us among the happiest people, according to secular standards.

We are surely an affluent society. We can afford costly celebrations with smiling faces and self-congratulations. I, however, prefer a smiling heart, joyful people, people who are at peace within themselves, who do not need to be continually and lavishly entertained. True joy reaches down to the inner and deeper person and remains a continuous flow of authentic living.

We are not realising that our false selves are dominating our true selves. Our leaders serve our false selves: pleasures, riches, pride, arrogance, superficiality.

The true self, the inner self, our deeper heart, where God abides, is where we live truly and fully, with integrity. This is where we touch our Creator and Sustainer, our God, our precious Lover, where we realise the Lord God’s desire to be united with us.  This is where we fulfil our very real and profoundest desires to be one with the Lord.

Being always ‘on the run’, has made us great achievers, but it has left us exhausted, isolated individuals, able to hear only ‘loud’ voices.  No time for the true self, and deeply scarred, troubled and disoriented.

Since we do not have time for ourselves, we have no time for our children or for future generations. We always look for magicians to save us, even if they are from outer space. We are always hoping, search­ing. All the time the Saviour dwells in each person’s heart.

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