Thank you from Chile

I would like to thank the Mission Fund for its recent donation towards missionary work in the parish of El Divino Salvador in Chile. Such kindness is very much apprecia­ted and of great support towards our work in the missions.

I serve as a parish priest in the aforementioned parish with special attention to people in need. Chile is a country that has made progress, however great inequality still exists and some people remain socially disadvantaged. Among these are the migrants who leave their own country in search of a better life. We have to cater for these people and help them as much as we can. So I most heartily recommend the Mission Fund to the public in its endeavours to help Maltese missionaries abroad, by sending used stamps and donations.

Donations may be made online or by direct bank transfer to one of the following accounts:  HSBC 061 197 448 050; BOV 163 007 980 19; APS 200 008 207 62; or BNF 00 879 631 01.  More information may be accessed from the website

Thank you very much and God bless you all.

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