Not a normal country

Last week’s The Sunday Times of Malta certainly deserves a special mention. The detailed information about the VGH deal and Jacob Borg’s ‘Fact checking government’s reply to rule of law report’ should have already led to resignations from the government if we were living in a normal country.

But this is no normal country. The editorial of the same issue, with an invitation to the Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to give an answer that very morning about the a ‘deceit’ of such magnitude in relation to the sell-out of three hospitals to Vitals, was derided by Muscat when he sarcastically referred to Simon Busuttil’s shadow portfolio as just right for the latter to investigate Adrian Delia.

Dr Muscat and his MPs had an opportunity to have all of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s accusations examined independently and equitably but they voted against Chris Said’s private motion a few weeks ago, which goes to show that the Prime Minister is happy to engage in theatrics when a serious attempt is made to get to the facts about all sorts of corruption in public life.

It must be noted that Dr Delia voted for the motion but Dr Muscat chickened out.

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