Serum for rejuvenating skin

Serum for rejuvenating skin

La Prairie has introduced Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir, a serum that transcends every preconceived notion of youthful skin.

Inspired by Clinique La Prairie founder Paul Niehans and his groundbreaking work in the area of rejuvenation through cellular therapy, Elixir is a unique formula drawn from a heritage of bold scientific quests and audacious innovation. It works overnight to reawaken and transform skin by morning.

Through this powerful rejuvenating potion from the La Prairie laboratories, the four functions essential to the skin’s complete regeneration process are addressed in a single formula: nutrition, respiration, detoxification and immunity.

The skin’s natural detoxifying process is therefore enhanced, cellular respiration is improved, skin is infused with life-giving nutrients and its self-defence capacities are boosted.

In supporting these vital cell-renewal functions, the formula works during the skin’s most regenerative time – night – to help ensure the creation of new cells.

The elixir offers the highest concentration of La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex, combined with the Advanced Platinum Complex, a unique blend of rarely used, active ingredients.

The exclusive Cellular Complex ensures essential nutrition by providing building blocks such as amino acids, nucleotides and sugars necessary for skin cells to synthesise biomolecules, including proteins and DNA, essential to cellular structure.

The Advanced Platinum Complex is a combination of La Prairie’s Platinum Peptide enriched with high-performance ingredients to fulfil three vital functions: respiration, detoxification and immunity. Together, La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex and the Advanced Platinum Complex promote the four key pillars for optimised cell regeneration.

La Prairie is locally distributed by A. M. Mangion Ltd. For trade enquiries, call 2397 6000  or visit




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