Catalyst for change

Adrian Delia’s recent reshuffle projected his determination to implement a policy that addres­ses the needs both of every human being as a whole person and also the common good.

Teething problems are being tackled and the strong declaration of dedication and loyalty by Chris Said ensures the necessary support for an Opposition to be proactive and effective across the board.

Empathy in politics translates into a better quality of life covering the whole spectrum of society. The focus would be on eradication of poverty and other social problems as much as possible. The focus would be on a fair distribution of wealth.

Commentators, mostly from the Labour camp, who were preoccupied with the need for a united Opposition in democratic Malta can now put their minds at rest that there is even a chance of good governance for this country thanks to the Opposition.

Desmond Zammit Marmarà can equally shift his concern over the future of the Nationalist Party to the Labour Party and help its leaders see the light in the interest of this country, the common good and the most vulnerable. As he correctly confirmed while concluding an article in the Times of Malta entitled ‘The PN a party with no future’ (February 1), the PN has contributed a lot to Malta’s benefit and is still contributing.

Today, the PN still has a vital role to play, particularly that of safeguarding values, freedom of expression, fight corruption, inspire transparency and meritocracy as opposed to secret accounts, secret contracts and secret citizenship.

The PN has a duty to save this country from further monstrous high-rises that speak volumes about the lack of vision of this party in government.

Far from being a party with no future, the PN can still be a catalyst for change with hope for the future and the reputation of this country.

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