Claimed rights

Of course, I do not know who drew up the poster with the words “Her Body Her Choice” accompanying the article ‘Two loose ends’ (January 24). But therein lies the big problem. The poster (and who created it) are totally wrong.

It is about time each one of us realises, and accepts, that every individual body on this earth is not ‘ours’. They are a gift to us – individual humans, body and soul – given to us by He who creates and perennially owns everything on this earth, viz God. Thus, for the author of that poster to hold that a (any) woman’s body is hers to do whatever whim she may have about it is totally wrong and badly reasoned. It therefore follows that nobody has any right to usurp it or whatever may be in it: the factually living other human person, the baby.

Abortion is totally wrong and this is for the same reason why anybody who commits suicide is thinking and arguing wrongly.

Also totally wrong is the Council of Europe commissioner who said/wrote: “Abortion is a human right... it affects a whole range of women’s rights.”

How can anyone be so arrogant as to usurp what is God’s and go further by interfering in the policy/ies of independent countries that simply do not accept that there exists such a human right. If such a claimed right does not exist how can any State seek to arrogate for itself the authority to decide that citizens of a state must have all “rights” citizens in other countries may have?

There is probably a so-called right to polygamy or bestiality in some state/s but does that give any government, bloc or organisation any right to impose polygamy everywhere else? It is also becoming increasingly detestable for European this or European that to keep trying to interfere and impose on the citizenry of this country their ideas, laws, beliefs, customs, etc. in areas where the Maltese nation, which is not necessarily always equivalent to the government, clearly has its own individual and independent beliefs as a closely-knit, values-inspired community.

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