Intuitive tool

Intuitive tool

Peter Sammut Briffa, senior consultant at KPMG Crimsonwing in Malta, outlines the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft’s focus on digital transformation significantly affected their product line-up. How can an application like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales create business value?

By having all information concerning potential and actual sales stored in one place, salespeople will find it easier to identify the opportunities they should follow up. It allows for the enforcement of business processes which help streamline the sales process, ensuring that all the critical steps are followed, and that all relevant data is collected and analysed. This will eventually shorten sales cycles, enable the sales team to spend more time selling, and consequently improve close rates.

What kind of insights can an organisation achieve?

Through this CRM application, management can track all the leads and opportunities that their salespeople are following, as well as the sales actually made. This can help plan future productivity.

It is also possible to introduce a number of key performance indicators. Increased sales is the obvious one, but other important ones may include: are we contacting more potential customers? Do we get repeat orders from existing customers? What percentage of opportunities are we converting into sales?

Microsoft is now hosting the solution on Microsoft Azure. What are the benefits deriving from the cloud?

There are two main advantages: maintenance and availability. There are no set-up costs and maintenance of the environment is all in Microsoft’s hands, including security, backups, data restores, and the availability of the application round the clock.

The perfect tool to improve interactions with customers and maintain the health of these relationships

Furthermore, it is possible to connect to Azure from anywhere via the internet, so CRM is available outside the office, outside the country, even using mobile devices.

Given that this is a Microsoft product, how easy is it for new users to adapt to Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is designed to be as intuitive as possible. All the terms can be changed to suit the company’s specific culture. For instance, a case may be called a “support ticket” or a “customer issue” – changing the label is a matter of simple configuration.

Dynamics 365 also interacts seamlessly with and uses similar interfaces as the popular Office 365 suite of programs such as Word, Excel and Outlook. Sending an e-mail from CRM is similar to sending one from Outlook.

How are client relationships impacted?

The plethora of data that can be stored within Microsoft Dynamics 365 means the user has the perfect tool to improve their interactions with customers and maintain the health of these relationships. It is possible to keep a record of all past interactions with customers, as well as those planned for the future.

Members within the organisation across various departments can view these interactions and be fully updated whenever they need to contact the customer themselves.

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