We are not the centre of corruption

Ever since the dawn of mankind in Malta, we have been special. Our megalithic temples prove this. We are the chosen few. We are the centre of the universe.

Malta is a tiny rock with just enough inhabitants to fill a few stadia but with an intelligence quotient that relegates other bigger lands to second division.

We have the best sea, the best tourism, the best feasts, the best of the best of everything. The world knows that we are superior.

Is this hyperbole, a lie we, the men and women of this isle in the Med, love to believe? We deride Sicilians and Greeks and we look down on anyone who is a shade darker than us.

They try to make us out as a country with no scruples, no governance, no values.

We have a God-given gift to be on an economic high while others stutter or suffer. People from foreign lands are full of spite and jealousy and write horror stories about this country, about our beloved leaders and people in authority.

They try to make us out as a country with no scruples, no governance, no values.

All abroad - especially the beloved EU whose passports we keep peddling - think we are in the wrong. But we all know we are nothing of the sort.

We might be puny as a country but we sure know that we only do things the right way.

Even when, in the eyes of all foreigners, we seem wrong, we know that our position is impeccable. That’s a privilege given to us because we are the true, original centre of the universe.

The rest of the universe sucks.

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