Labour Party workers will get four extra days of leave

PL will lead by example, CEO says

The Labour Party will be giving an extra day of leave to its employees for all public holidays falling on a weekend this year, its CEO said.

During the last budget, the government announced that all workers will be given 25 days of leave instead of 24 to kick off the process so that public holidays falling on weekend will be added to vacation leave.

In a statement on Saturday, PL CEO Randolph De Battista said the party wanted to lead by example and send a strong message, especially at a time when the economy was doing well.

There will be four public holidays falling on a weekend this year.

"If we can do it as a party that relies on donations and so much voluntary work, so can companies benefiting from a strong economy," he said.

The measure - which has still not been implemented - was announced despite objection from employers.

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