Watch: The dreams of children who fled their homes

A new UNHCR project, The Dream Diaries, visualizes the dreams of children who have fled their homes and found a better life in Europe.

Four young ‘online creators’ have travelled over 7,000 kilometres across Europe to meet a dozen refugee and asylum-seeking children as part of a new project, in association with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, that lets the youngsters’ imagination run free.

For 16 days, Humans of Amsterdam photographer Debra Barraud and her colleague Benjamin Heertje, graphic designer Annegien Schilling and filmmaker Kris Pouw journeyed through five European countries to capture the dreams of children who have fled war and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and beyond. The result is The Dream Diaries.

Running until January 21, on Facebook, Instagram and digital pages, The
Dream Diaries tells the story of children such as Ayham, 8, who lives with his family in Vienna, Austria, after fleeing Syria in October 2015. An image captures his dream to be a superhero, with lightning bolts pulsating from his fingers.

"I want to become a superhero so I don't have to be afraid anymore,” Ayham told the influencers. “I would end the fighting in Syria and then I would go back and kiss everything, really everything, also the bananas and the watermelons.”

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