Dennis, the Reiki master

My name is Patricia (Pat, Paddy) Gibbins and I am looking for my friend, Dennis, a medium and Reiki master from Malta. Unfortunately, I do not have his surname but I believe it begins with the letter B.

I first met Dennis when he lived in Qormi about 10 years ago. He also met three of my daughters and we formed a special bond, which I wish to rekindle.

I also attended his Reiki group every month and was hoping that some of those friends will remember and recognise me and answer my plea to help me find him because I know that Dennis cannot read or write.

I used to bake lots of cakes for the group.

Dennis steered me towards healing others as he said I had the gift.

I use this wherever possible to help people in distress and pain, both in Malta and England.

I lived in Malta for 18 years with my husband, Nigel. We fell in love with the island and remained. Unfortunately, I had a stroke in 2012 and that was the last time I saw Dennis when he visited me at Mater Dei Hospital. I had to relocate to England to be with my family and recover but, sadly, Nigel died in 2015.

I used to love my chats and time with Dennis and the last I heard he was living in Xemxija.

Anybody who can help can contact my daughter via

I wait in hope.

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