Bizarre rituals

I welcome John White’s contribution (‘A grave burial problem’, January 9).

We recently had to bury my uncle in the family grave. Prior to the burial, the grave had to be “prepared”, that is, cleared. A family member who was present at this grizzly process told me my dear late brother’s remains – his full skeleton still clad in his burial suit – had to be dismantled and placed in a plastic box. The skulls of both my parents and my grandfather were then hidden away from view under a large mat so my uncle’s coffin could be placed in the grave. The box containing my brother’s remains was then placed on top of my uncle’s coffin.

Surely, these bizarre rituals with an inherent disrespect to the remains of one’s beloved departed family members should no longer exist in a (supposedly) civilised European country?

Cremation is now long-overdue. When will the government act?

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