Messiah by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra

A performance of the Baroque-era sacred oratorio of George Frideric Handel’s Messiah will be performed by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with the University of Western Australia Choral Society and the Goldberg Ensemble at St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral today.

The conductor will be Michael Laus and the soloists will be leading Maltese singers Gillian Zammit, Claire Massa, Juan Gambina and Albert Buttigieg.

Handel’s oratorio has been described as “one of man’s grandest musical achievements” and still awes listeners almost 260 years after the composer’s death.

Messiah is a narrative drama about the life of Christ, and a meditation on the idea of a Messiah, which is why some of the text is derived not from the New but from the Old Testament.

Later parts of the oratorio offer episodes dealing with Christ’s birth, sufferings, death and resurrection. While Handel’s oratorios usually had characters and a clear narrative, Messiah does not. Soloists are still used but for their vocal qualities rather than to represent specific individuals.

All proceeds from the concert will be in aid of the St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral Save Valletta’s Skyline Restoration Appeal. The performance will be held today at 7pm at St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral, Valletta. Tickets can be booked from .

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