St Paul's Bay mayor Graziella Galea resigns

Says motion of no confidence should be considered null

St Paul’s Bay mayor Graziella Galea has resigned the post, saying she will continue serving as a councillor on behalf of the Nationalist Party.

The PN said in a statement that Ms Galea submitted her resignation in loyalty towards St Paul’s Bay residents to ensure the PN continued to lead the council.

Graziella GaleaGraziella Galea

It pointed out that Ms Galea had been democratically elected on the locality in the 2015 election obtaining the highest amount of votes.

A copy of Ms Galea's resignation letter can be read in the pdf link below.

In it, Ms Galea said she was resigning against her will as she lashed out at those who had a "thirst for power" and did not accept the residents' democratic choice.

Her resignation, she said, would ensure that the Nationalist Party continued to lead the council in line with the residents' choice.

A motion of no confidence in her currently before the council should be nullified by her decision to quit, she added.

Former PN councillor Robert Piscopo resigned from PN councillor in November. He remained in the council as an independent. 

The PN had then said that Mr Piscopo's resignation came after he repeatedly voted against measures put forward by PN members. A second PN councillor, Joseph Vella, had also been doing the same.

Both had repeatedly called for Ms Galea’s resignation.

PN councillor David Thake had resigned earlier following the election of Adrian Delia as PN leader.



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