Ministry defends Michael Farrugia's record after statement blunder

Says minister's record on domestic violence speaks for itself

Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia

Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia

The Ministry of Home Affairs has sought to defend minister Michael Farrugia's record on domestic violence issues, after an earlier statement in defence of disgraced Assistant Police Commissioner Mario Tonna was widely viewed as practically closing an eye to the issue.

Mr Tonna resigned yesterday after it was reported that his partner had claimed that he had headbutted her.

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In a statement issued on Wednesday afternoon, the ministry said it condemned all forms of domestic violence and regretted comments which may have been understood as remotely justifying such behaviour. It also said the comments had been twisted by the Opposition.

Mario TonnaMario Tonna

The ministry pointed out that the minister's track record spoke for itself.  

In the last legislature, it was he who had moved the ratification of the Istanbul Convention to prevent and counter domestic violence. Dr Farrugia served as Family Minister in the previous legislature. 

As minister he had extended the services of the Foundation for Social Welfare both for the victims of domestic violence, and the aggressors. 

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Under his watch, arrangements were made with NGOs for the care of victims of domestic violence. 

More recently, as Home Affairs Minister, he had strengthened the way the police dealt with domestic violence.  

Dr Farrugia was clear that domestic violence, in any form, could nto be justified in any circumstance, the ministry said. 

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