#Occupyjustice organise Mass two months to the day of Caruana Galizia's murder

They demand answers and justice

Mass was held on Saturday at the chapel in Bidnija, just up the road from where the bomb that killed journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia went off.

The Mass, two months to the day of the murder, was organised by #occupyjustice activists.

It was open to the public and attended by members of Ms Caruana Galizia’s family.

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Mass, #occupyjustice led the congregation to the location where the explosion took place. They placed ponsiettas in the field in the form of a question mark together with a note reading: "We need to know who. We need to know why.

We need to see justice. We demand answers. We demand change. We will not rest.”
An #occupyjustice activist told the media that although the recent arraignment of three suspects was welcome progress, there seemed to be a sense of ‘case closed’.

“People need to understand that more than likely, this crime was commissioned by somebody else. We are only at the tip of the iceberg here. We need to know who commissioned this terrible crime and why."

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