EU-wide survey finds high level of satisfaction in Malta... as long as it is not public transport

Maltese were the least worried about losing their job

The Office of the Prime Minister has hailed EU survey findings about Malta, which found positive levels of satisfaction across a number of sectors.

The survey was conducted among all countries in 2016.

The Maltese placed second, after respondents from Luxembourg, in expressing most satisfaction about the state of the economy. 

A total of 72% of Maltese said they were optimistic about their future and 77% were optimistic about the future of their children.

The Maltese were the least worried about losing their job in the whole of the EU with only 5% expressing concerns.

The survey found the highest level of satisfaction for childcare services and facilities for the elderly. But satisfaction for public transport placed low, with Malta ranking 22nd among member states.

Satisfaction for public services was fourth highest among all EU countries.  

The survey found that the Maltese government is the fourth most trusted by its people.

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