Scrappage scheme in favour of hybrid vehicles extended

Third time that Transport Malta offering scheme

Transport Malta is extending the scrappage scheme in favour of hybrid vehicles for the third time by allocating another €100,000. T

Applications will be processed on a first come first serve basis.

The initiative, first launched in January, is aimed at encouraging people to dispose of their old vehicles and to invest in new cars with lower emissions. So far, 100 vehicles have benefitted from this scheme amounting to €200,000 in grants.

Subject to various conditions, the amount of €2,000 will be granted upon registering a new Category M1 hybrid vehicle with CO₂ emissions between 51-65g/km while at the same time de-registering a vehicle in the same category.

Applications are available from Transport Malta, A3 Towers, Paola or can be downloaded from

The scheme in the form of a grant to incentivise the purchase of other M1 motor vehicles as below is still applicable:

• €700 or €900 shall be given upon the purchase of a new Category M1 motor vehicle and
• €3,000 upon registering a new Category M1 motor (plug in Hybrid Electric vehicle) with CO₂ emissions between 0-50g/km.

For further information contact Transport Malta on 8007 2393.

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