Innovative merging of science with the arts

Steam is a unique EU-funded pro­ject that combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts with the arts to create imaginative science communication. It is led by the University of Malta and involves several other academic institutions across Europe, a journalism union and a science communication company. It is now in its third and final year.

A key element of the project is an annual 10-day summer school that not only brings in an international team of science communication experts, but also involves the holding of public events such as science theatre and stand-up comedy. After two successful editions in Germany and Greece, the Steam Summer School will be held in Malta in early July 2018. The summer school delves into many aspects of science communication, including management, social media, journalism and policy, alongside the arts and performance components.

Learn how to explain scientific concepts through an engaging demonstration

In a workshop to be held on Saturday, participants will learn how to explain scientific concepts through an engaging demonstration or experiment. This will be put into practice through visits to local schools to be held in spring, bringing engaging, educational activities into local classrooms.

This will be followed by a Steam conference on July 13, 2018, which will immediately follow the final summer school in Malta. The conference is open to anyone wishing to showcase their creative science communication efforts. Proposals will be accepted next year.

It will also include a one-day workshop for teachers that will focus on the Steam pedagogy. In this way the project hopes to multiply its impact by sharing its innovative techniques with the Maltese teaching community.

The summer school is an opportunity for anyone interested in learn­ing about science communication to hone their skills and meet  international science communication enthusiasts in Malta.

To learn more about innovative ways of merging science with the arts, and to get involved in public engagement initiatives, visit the link below. University of Malta students may apply for a participation grant by tomorrow.

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